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GM says…

The EtherDrop campaign setting uses the GURPS 4th Edition roleplaying system in order to provide a unified rule system across the many worlds contained within. Each player will probably control multiple characters with different abilities. Only certain attributes, advantages, and skills carry over between avatars, and players should work closely with the GM when creating their characters to maintain continuity between each avatar. For example, if your IRL character has an IQ score of 10, his Waypoint character can’t have an IQ of 14. However, even someone who is a weakling in the real world can easily wield a 60 pound warhammer in a drop-net game with the right training and experience.

Also worth noting. Your IRL character is not a throwaway character. His or her abilities affect the avatars he or she plays, even if they don’t carry over directly. In addition, your characters may actually want to spend some time in meatspace. Making a character who is a comatose paraplegic with the IQ of Stephen Hawking isn’t exactly roleplayable.

But anyways, on to the crunch guidelines:

  • For your IRL character, start with 75 Character Points. As far as the average person goes, you’re pretty hot stuff. You’re an athlete, a cop, a wealthy heiress, a musician on the cusp of becoming successful, a scientist, a successful executive, etc.
  • Do not choose any advantages that fall under the Exotic or Supernatural categories. In meatspace you’re just a human.
  • You MUST take the Games skill, explained on page 197. You may take as many levels as you like as long as your Attribute+Skill level does not exceed 18. Points spent in the Games skill get carried over to avatar characters, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

IRL character

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